UK Part Time Jobs

A part time job is quite simply a role where you work fewer hours than a full time job. Where a full time job is usually considered as being 40+ hours per week, a part time role can be anything from 0 – 35!

Although in the past part time workers were looked down on in some businesses, a great deal of effort has been made to ensure that part time workers are treated with the same respect as full timers – it’s just good working ethics!

Part time workers can be found in practically every business, and the benefits that you can receive as a part timer may vary from industry to industry as well as the type of work that you do.

Types of Part Time Jobs
Term-time, evening and weekend, and job share work are often limited hours and each role can suit different people. Termly work runs within the school terms and may only be during working school hours such as teaching assistant roles.

Evening and weekend work will usually be related to bar or restaurant work where business is busier at weekends so part time workers are required to deal with the extra business. Job shares are full time roles split between two people and can be found in many industries. For example, if the role is spread over a 5 day week, one person may work Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays, and the other person will do every other Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays.

Examples of Part Time Work:
Bar work
Hotel receptionist jobs
Admin Support
Data entry
Stock counter
Postal work

Flexible Working Hours
Some part time jobs offer flexibility. This means that parents with young children can work the required hours during the day and still be able to do the school runs in the morning and the afternoon – this saves parents childminder money and can also mean that they get to spend more quality time with their children.

Some part time work is registered as shorter hours simply because the job itself couldn’t be made into full time hours. For example, a delivery company of cosmetic goods might have a stockist who keeps track of orders and packs and delivers products.

Shortened, Set Hours
However, a delivery job with a small company might mean that the work runs out and hours are few. Because of this, a pack-and-delivery person might come in later in the day when orders have been collected and then work a shorter working period than the rest of the company e.g. 12pm to 5pm.

Similarly, part time admin work may work in the same way such as a data inputting role. An electrics company might have some people that go and do full time maintenance checks in properties in one region; they will generally fill out paperwork and update databases on safety checks. Data inputting isn’t always a full time role so data entry workers may only work 15 2- 20 hours per week, depending on the industry.